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GDTP Certification Prep Course

3-Day Seminar

Course Description

This program is designed specifically to enhance your potential for passing the ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional (GDTP) Certification Examination.


  1. Identify and study to correct your specific weaknesses in your understanding and application of GD&T.
  2. Understand the GDTP Certification Exam layout and question structure.
  3. Compare your sample exam results with the standard and with colleagues.

Product Information (PDF Format)

3-Day Seminar Course Description

This three-day course is an advanced GD&T course designed specifically for those who must operate, program, or interpret the output of measuring devices.


  1. Review the concepts of the Y14.5 standard
  2. Expand the participants’ knowledge of the concepts and the language of the Y14.5 standard as it pertains to inspection.
  3. Gain confidence in using the Y14.5 standard.
  4. Recognize measurement software, hardware, and measurement philosophy strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Develop work-arounds to overcome measurement devices weaknesses.

Product Information (PDF Format)

Price: $1000 $800 (offer 20% off all trainings)

Program Description

This is a technical review based on the GDTP Pretest administered on Day #1, as well as an overview of the real ASME GDTP exam. Practice Technologist and Senior Level exams will be given and reviewed in class to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses in GD&T and to give each participant the ability to systematically prepare for the GDTP exam.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for anyone preparing for either the Technologist or Senior Level ASME GDTP Certification Exams. It is not a beginner program or even an advanced program.


A copy of the ASME GDTP Certification Exam Application Form (including the “Body of Knowledge” sections of the ASME Y14.5.2-1995 standard)

The program instructor will be available for post-program questions via phone or e-mail.

GDTP guarantees that you will be allowed to retake this program FREE until you pass the exam.


This is NOT a beginner program! You should already have a thorough understanding of the majority of the ASME Y14.5 Standard before attending this program. We strongly suggest that you attend or have been trained in or be experienced in the equivalent of GDTC’s Basic and Advanced GD&T courses as a minimum. The equivalent of GDTC’s Application and Interpretation of GD&T and its Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis courses will also be helpful before attempting to take this program or before attempting to take the GDTP Certification Exam. Should you have any question about these prerequisites, GDTC will put you in touch with the instructor.

Many design, drafting, inspection, quality and engineering related positions require knowledge of GD&T and the ASME Y14.5 standard. ASME GDTP Certification is the ONLY way to prove your knowldge and move yourself ahead of the rest of the pack.

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Fundamentals of GD&T

This program is designed for anyone who designs, drafts, engineers, purchases, manufactures, estimates, or inspects parts and assemblies. Particular emphasis is placed on those who design and manufacture, and those responsible for quality.

Advanced GD&T

This course will help you review the fundamentals of Y14.5 standard, and introduce you to the advanced GD&T concepts. You will learn how to calculate tolerances, gain in depth understanding about datums, datum shifts, and extended principles related to position call-outs.

GD&T for Inspectors/CMM Programmers

The program begins with a review of GD&T, then continues with practical evaluation of CMM measurement philosophy and capabilities, as well as its pitfalls. A strong working knowledge of GD&T and measuring techniques is preferred. Fundamentals of GD&T is suggested prerequisite.

Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis

This program is designed for anyone who is extremely familiar and proficient with the concepts and practices of GD&T. Particular emphasis is placed on those who are responsible for specifying, and analyzing tolerances.

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