Public and In-House GD&T Training
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Public and In-House GD&T Training

GDTC offers cost effective public as well as on-site training seminars throughout the year in Singapore and other locations when the need arises. Below is a link to each course that we offer. Each course’s page has for that particular training description of the topics covered and the cost. All training materials have been obtained under a license agreement from Applied Geometrics, Inc. a leading GD&T training organization in the United States of America with more than 20 years of bringing GD&T theory to reality.

If the public training course does not meet your needs, we can customize a program for your company. This can be as simple as a modified Fundamentals or Advanced GD&T course, to suit your company’s culture and processes. We have a new program for the manufacturing staff. This program is done at your location in two 4-hour sessions per day for two days (eight hours of training) for those who need to read and interpret GD&T, not define it. [Note: your company designers and quality engineers should be well-versed in GD&T before training your manufacturing personnel.]  To REGISTER for any course, contact us at: +65 9641 8859. You may reach us by e-mail at, also.

Our course offerings are listed below. Click on any of the titles for a more detailed description.

1-day training:

2- day trainings:

3- day trainings:

WSQ training:

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